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Reification has a well-known equivalent in natural language, nominalization, which basically consists in turning a verb into a noun. Reification is widely used in conceptual modeling; conceptual modelers must therefore have a good grasp of it. In Sect. 6.1, we define reification and explain its logical basis. Psychology Definition of REIFICATION: To regard an abstraction as something concrete or material; a conversion of abstract concepts into a material or concrete existence. Often seen in Reification is the assumption that mental illnesses exist independent of the observer’s conceptualization.

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This implies that objects are transformed into subjects Reification is a general principle of perceptual processing, of which boundary completion and surface filling-in are more specific computational components. From the Cambridge English Corpus Peepshows are claimed to have involved reification through popular consumption and collective memory. Fallacy of treating an abstraction as if it were a real thing. Reification (also known as concretism, hypostatization, or the fallacy of misplaced concreteness) is a fallacy of ambiguity, when an abstraction (abstract belief or hypothetical construct) is treated as if it were a concrete real event or physical entity. Se hela listan på Reification is the process during which an abstract idea regarding a computer application can be converted into an object or explicit data model. In other words, reification helps in the conversion of an unexpressed, implicit idea into a conceptual or logical one. ABSTRACT: The concept of reification is used by Marx to describe a form of social consciousness in which human relations come to be identified with the physical properties of things, thereby acquiring an appearance of naturalness and inevitability.

What is REIFICATION (noun)?

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Definition, förklaring ”according to Marx, treating labor as a commodity exemplified the reification of the  reification. united-kingdom. Engelska.

Define reification

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Define reification

153. Nexus of multimembership. 158. Localglobal interplay. Stefan van Duin & Naser Bakhshi - March 2017 - Deloitte “What is AI? What is Machine Learning? What is Cognitive Analytics?

What is REIFICATION (noun)? REIFICATION (noun) meaning, pronunciation and more by  4, and in Capital III, ch. 48. In the first of these, on COMMODITY FETISHISM, there is no definition of reification but basic elements for a theory of reification are   Find 175 ways to say REIFICATION, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at reification. See definition of reification on . To cite this article: Andrew Feenberg (2015) Lukács's Theory of Reification and Acting out of its established social definition, as a reified social object, the. 11 Dec 2020 What is 'Reification' ?
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Define reification

Log In. re· ifi· ca· tion | \ ˌrā-ə-fə-ˈkā-shən. How to pronounce reification (audio) , ˌrē- \. Reification definition, the act of treating something abstract, such as an idea, relation, system, quality, etc., as if it were a concrete object:Defining “home” as if it were just a roof over one’s head, instead of the center of a web of relationships, leads in turn to the reification of homelessness. Reification (Marxism) In Marxism, reification ( German: Verdinglichung, lit.

Lukács’s Theory of Reification and Contemporary Social Movements Andrew Feenberg Abstract: Lukács’s theory of reification, explained in his 1923 work History and Class Con-sciousness, is often interpreted as a theory of ideology, however it is also a theory of social prac-tice and a social ontology.
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Reifikation (från tyskans Verdinglichung, bokstavligen "förtingligande") är betraktandet av människor som om de vore ting, och betraktandet av sociala relationer som relationer mellan ting. Reification.

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Define REIFICATION (noun) and get synonyms.

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formal. See reify. 'The life of the individual would have to take precedence over the reification of the group  La définition de réification dans le dictionnaire est transformation, transposition d' une abstraction en objet concret, en chose.

McCarthy (1987) defines reification as “making objects out of sentences and other entities” (p.